Wellness & Health

Come and recharge your batteries in Morocco

Tourist travel for well-being and health discover Morocco otherwise.

We offer personal development stays or you can practice in the desert, meditation, conscious walking and body techniques such as Hatha Yoga, Do ....

Stays Health, Thalasso therapy, enjoy the goods made and the virtues of the ocean in an exotic and soothing.

Discover the traditional care of the nomadic people, the sand baths, desert and sun offer your body their therapeutic properties and effectively fight against polyarthritis, rheumatism, low back pain ...

All these ancestral techniques will allow you to take care of yourself in the Sherifian Kingdom.

Sand baths

The sand baths of Merzouga enjoy a great reputation, also called sabulum therapy

They offer many health benefits especially in the treatment of certain joint problems. Excellent skincare technique that also allows by sweating to eliminate accumulated toxins in the body and reduce weight. Practice from June to August, during the hottest season in order to obtain better results. Your stay will be followed by competent health professionals and embellished with a moment of relaxation and relaxation in swimming pool.


The properties made of sea water are no longer to be demonstrated, your thalasso stay will bring you relaxation and well-being and will participate in your health. Your body through the skin will draw into the water and algae the mineral salts and trace elements that it needs. Ideal to fight stress and rebalance your body, choose the cure according to your needs.

Establishments ideally located on the ocean will allow you to also enjoy the ocean environment.

Well being in desert

Thalassotherapy in Agadir